Happiness is not exciting enough

Probably I’m not the first who thinks or says that. I was just thinking if I liked happiness enough to keep myself happy for a long time and I’m not sure. People don’t learn from happiness.They don’t like to suffer either of course. They only like the moments when the suffering stops. When they are painless for quite a while they start to worry about things which make them unhappy again. People need pain as well as happiness. They need both to make the circle complete.

And we need special people to suffer a lot because that’s what makes them create brilliant songs, films, books, pictures etc.


too early

Jazz is not my genre if I want to be honest. I attended a jazz concert a couple of months ago and I really tried hard to enjoy it but apart from a very few songs just couldn’t. Jazz songs are just too chaotic for my taste. The problem  – I  suppose – is lying in me.

When I found this song Veronika Harcsa’s Too early  I couldn’t stop listening to it. I wasn’t even aware that it was a jazz song..

I can feel her hope which is probably never going to be fulfilled. She knows that too but what can she do about it? It is not something you just give up. Only if you receive enough rejection will you realize that hope can be a false friend.

Enjoy its passion as my first gift to you.