“being an adult sucks”

No matter whether you are a young adult like those in Requiem For a Dream or in Wristcutters or an adulter adult like Kevin Spacey in American Beauty or the parents in Next Three Days. Peter Pan knew it just right: it is better not to grow old and just being cared of by those who seem to be so sure about things who always know what is right or wrong who can do whatever they like.

Being a teenager sucks. Everyone knows that.

Being a child sucks because you don’t know that being a child rocks!

Being a human sucks. But being a dog sucks too.

Well if I have to choose I’ll choose being a human.

Because being a human rocks. Especially if you are an adult. When you can do what you want. No restrictions. You can drink you can smoke you can love or you can decide not to. No pressure.

You just need to find out how to do what you’d like.


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