Dance with December Sun

I’ve been studying these women’s magazines for my writing course and they are all talking about being stressed out before Christmas and how to delegate tasks to family members and friends; which are the most glamorous gift ideas and how to prevent gaining weight..

I know that these are the most important aspects of the Christmas period but I came across a song this afternoon and it just caught my “Christmas” attention: Yonderboi – Come on progeny.

Okay, it might not be a typical Christmas song but: there are so many¬†people out there who don’t have anyone to celebrate with, whose best option seems to be a “flying lesson” out of the rooftop hoping that the warmth of the sun would take good care of their souls.

I’m not saying that on Christmas eve or Christmas day I’m going to cry about their tragedy because probably I’ll be happy to be with my family and I’m not saying either that all these magazines should write about sad stories because no one would buy them any more and how many people would lose their jobs!

What I’m saying is -sentimental I know- we who are lucky enough to have family and friends around we should be just grateful.



One thought on “Dance with December Sun

  1. People who can spend with their family is lucky and happy. Magazine won’t write tragedy around Christmas season due to economical and social reasons. These are very important. And then, imagination seems to be important as well as such things. Imagination appears not to be useful to help directly someone who are in an unhappy situation. But I think, to imagine his/her difficulty sometimes is important.

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