Paint what you hear

Have you ever thought of drawing or painting a music album?

Well, I haven’t until I was given the task to do nothing but listen to an album and if I like I can draw or paint some images that come to mind. I probably don’t have to say that I cannot paint neither can I draw but it was not the point.

I chose Florence + The Machine and their Ceremonials, of course, but I thought that I would just sit still, listen and do no painting (since I can’t..).

But then the magic happened. After the first half of the first song (Only If For A Night) I took my highlighters that were lying around me (with no purpose) and started to make green lines, then orange then yellow and the picture was making itself.

Here it is: Florence Spectrum

I know I probably won’t be able to sell it and become a billionaire and I also know that your five year old niece can do the same even better but who cares I did it! I actually listened and did what I felt. And it was great!

And since it is the first day of 2012 I wish you a delightful new year with lots of colours and nice surprises!


2 thoughts on “Paint what you hear

  1. I also imagined stream line with warm but not too warm colors. Though, my stream lines curved more and make a form like vortex but they don’t have any circulations in itself.

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