“you’ve gotten into my bloodstream”

The quote is from a Stateless song, Bloodstream, which I’ve loved ever since I first heard it.

I thought it was romantic and dramatic and it is a kind of a song that my friend describes as “I’m gonna split my wrists.” So, perfect for me. (Although I’ve never considered suicide yet. And I’m not planning to either. Just to make things clear. So no worries.)

And then. I watched Waiting for forever, again, the other day and there was a scene in it when one of the characters shares his concerns that this metaphor (getting into someone’s bloodstream) is rather a disgusting idea and asks a lady for her opinion:

“What would you say if he (*husband) came to you one day and he told you that in his dreams he sucks you in his lungs and at that point you go into his bloodstream. You are actually and physically inside of his blood, inside of his heart.. chambers and valves as such.. how that make you feel?”


And although the lady was mesmerised by this thought I prefer not think about it this way. Or any other ways.. I just concentrate on the music and let the lyrics flow through me without paying attention what and where flows actually.


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