There are so many things – music, poetry or whatever – I don’t understand. I just can’t keep up with my brain but still I enjoy them very much. Those pretty weird lyrics from Florence e. g. It is more like I feel them rather than cognitively understand. I understand with my heart. And it is enough. I can just go with the flow and its beauty lies in its mystery.

To avoid repeating myself all the time by praising Florence + The Machine today I chose Lykke Li.


I have no idea what this girl is doing in this video but from yesterday on – when I found this song – I just couldn’t stop listening to it. Clearly she is beautiful although I’m not really concentrating on the visuals and her voice is distinctive.

I could imagine the tune in an american bank robbing movie, a Bonnie and Clyde theme.. and for the lyrics I have many interpretations (from the fashionable vampire theme “I’m staying seventeen”, to an encounter with the Mafia “they won’t let me go, no”).


During the day I didn’t think about it though. I listened and listened and listened and any time it stopped I replayed it because I felt empty without it.

I think I’m addicted.


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