Upside down drawing

It wouldn’t really be fair if I didn’t post my newest experience in drawing.

In the evening of the day when I had that rather awkward upside down drawing, I told you about in my previous post, I gave it another shot. The same picture of Stranvinsky and a tired mind that was what I had and maybe that was what I needed to “succeed”. Okay, I still wasn’t very happy with my drawing but it looked better to me than the first one.

Next evening I tried a new picture, with a German knight on it, which seemed to be much more difficult but I also liked it better (I don’t know how much ‘liking’ counts in upside down drawing…). And the result:

I felt that it was good while I was doing it, still I was surprised when I turned the paper. I didn’t expect it to be this good. So I have to say that upside down drawing does work! And I’m more enthusiastic than ever…



Drawing and me

Shoot me if I ever again find out such a thing as learning a new skill!

I believe that this “switch to your right brain” method works. I believe that if I learn how to see I will be able to draw realistically as well.

But what if my left side of the brain just doesn’t want to shut up??? I tried the first few exercises and one of them was upside down drawing where the main thing is that you don’t know what you are drawing so your left brain would stop messing around and let the right one work. Or even if you recognise something, that now you are working on a face you should just concentrate on the lines how they curve and not on the whole of it.

I know that I shouldn’t have had thoughts but I heard them coming up anyway: “oh that’s a finger” or “now you are drawing the bar of the chair!” or even better: “look, that doesn’t look the same whatever it is, you can’t even draw a straight line, you will never learn how to draw!”

Then I start to argue: “oh, okay now you shut up! It’s enough! Let me work!” And the reply comes: “Okay, you don’t have to get so upset! Aren’t you supposed to be in a peaceful state?”

“Yes I am, but how the hell should I go there if you keep talking to me? No more talking!”

And of course my upside down drawing doesn’t look fantastic. But there is something that my left hemisphere doesn’t know.. that I’m a pretty determined. Within a few weeks I’m going to be able to draw.

Writing a Novel

A few months ago I bought a book that taught me a lot of things. My life has literally changed since then. I changed. I can look at problems from different angles, I became somewhat braver and I’m not afraid to start learning photography or drawing (my newest “craziness”). I’m not afraid to think that what I do, might be good or will be good eventually. I believe that I can be creative and I have the right to be and I’m not less than others.

I started to plan my first ever novel (mostly to challenge myself). I have the characters and I developed the storyline which by the end transformed into a psycho-thriller which genre I never read and probably never would. (And the golden rule is: write what you read the most.)

I decided to write it in Hungarian even though the names are in English. I thought that some day I might translate it but because of my poor English I’d better start it in my mother tongue. Yesterday I opened a new page in Open Office:

First line: CHAPTER ONE     –     instead of ELSŐ FEJEZET

Second line: Faye’s scream filled the room.     –     instead of: Faye sikolya töltötte meg a szobát.

With all the newly gained wisdom I have no idea what to do. I was considering to replan the story or I can just mess with the genre borders.

And the thing about the language.. if it comes in English, what can I do? I wanted a challenge, didn’t I?

Travelling Through Time

I’ve entered a new world -the world of old school photography- by receiving the first set of pictures I took. Until the time I put my hands on the real, three dimensional photos it was just an idea. I shoot, I play with the equipment and I dream about how the pics are going to turn out.

Now there are no more dreams only reality. And the reality is that every photo taken took me back in time. But not only a month or two but years and years. The colours, how the golden sunshine disappeared and the ideal blue sky turned into dirty light blue and all these transformations gave a bit gloomy, retro mood to the experience what once used to be a happy moment.

I know that I still have a lot to learn and now I realize if I want less melancholic pictures I will need to get a digital camera as well. Although I don’t think that the sky would clear out only because I’d carry a DSLR.

Beautiful ‘Evening’

I’ve been waiting for this sunny spring day (off) for long-long time. I planned to go for a stroll, take some photos. Of course I didn’t do it. I also planned to watch some movies either at home or in the cinema.

Evening Poster

And yes, that’s what I did. Three films in a row. The first two (One For The Money, The Vow) were entertaining but also forgettable. The third one was recommended by a friend this morning. It is called Evening. A beautiful-beautiful movie. And believe me, it is beautiful if I was able to write this hard-to-spell word three times…

I don’t know what I liked best: the story, the pictures or the music… or maybe the fact that it was directed by a Hungarian, Lajos Koltai. No, that latter one just made me proud.

It is an emotional “love” story from a bit unusual aspect, there is not much action in it for two hours but I didn’t feel bored, not for a minute. It was somehow mesmerising how life changes but some emotions just stay even if they seem to be ridiculous remains from the past.

I’m not old just yet but I do have some “what if” memories. Am I going to remember them (and wonder) for the rest of my life? Or maybe better to keep them in the “that’s life” folder and go on?

Here is the trailer (which pretty much shows everything but couldn’t find anything better):