Travelling Through Time

I’ve entered a new world -the world of old school photography- by receiving the first set of pictures I took. Until the time I put my hands on the real, three dimensional photos it was just an idea. I shoot, I play with the equipment and I dream about how the pics are going to turn out.

Now there are no more dreams only reality. And the reality is that every photo taken took me back in time. But not only a month or two but years and years. The colours, how the golden sunshine disappeared and the ideal blue sky turned into dirty light blue and all these transformations gave a bit gloomy, retro mood to the experience what once used to be a happy moment.

I know that I still have a lot to learn and now I realize if I want less melancholic pictures I will need to get a digital camera as well. Although I don’t think that the sky would clear out only because I’d carry a DSLR.


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