Upside down drawing

It wouldn’t really be fair if I didn’t post my newest experience in drawing.

In the evening of the day when I had that rather awkward upside down drawing, I told you about in my previous post, I gave it another shot. The same picture of Stranvinsky and a tired mind that was what I had and maybe that was what I needed to “succeed”. Okay, I still wasn’t very happy with my drawing but it looked better to me than the first one.

Next evening I tried a new picture, with a German knight on it, which seemed to be much more difficult but I also liked it better (I don’t know how much ‘liking’ counts in upside down drawing…). And the result:

I felt that it was good while I was doing it, still I was surprised when I turned the paper. I didn’t expect it to be this good. So I have to say that upside down drawing does work! And I’m more enthusiastic than ever…



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