Art Café

I want to have an Art Café.

It would be a dim place with dusty bookshelves at the walls. Whoever comes in to have a coffee, would be welcome to read those books (not takeaway though).

Every now and then there would be concerts of up and coming bands, or short plays of amateur companies. Small exhibitions. Book promoting events (in case I will ever write a book).

Famous people’s signatures on the wall. My photos on the wall.

Cosy, warm.

So anyone who feels like investing his/her money and also willing to teach me a few useful things about business, please send me a message!


Back to the Path

I know I’m still pretty amateur at everything I do (writing, drawing etc.) and I know that it’s fine for now, still I feel like I’m stuck. It is not a coincidence that I didn’t really show up here or anywhere else. Okay, I was on my holiday for a week and of course I had a lot of things to do, a lot of people to meet so -I think it’s a good excuse- I didn’t write or draw anything. I took some pics though. (Our garden at home is magical!)

I’m trying to get back to my creativity and enthusiasm but the thing is I don’t know where to start. I want everything at the same time which means I’m not doing anything. So I’m making a schedule. Today at 3 PM I’m going to write something. (Not my novel though because I ended up not liking the story that I’d planned…not a big surprise I guess.) At about 5 PM I’ll switch to drawing. Or at least let’s hope that I’ll do so. Also I’m going to add a creative activity to every day in my calender and train my willpower to keep it.

In the meantime I should try and meet some friends whom I haven’t seen for ages but that takes time. I really don’t feel like spending every evening alone though, especially now that I’m back from home and I feel a bit lonely. Which I know will pass soon as it always does. So let’s rearrange my life!


The Hunger Games vs ME

ImageThe Hunger Games, a big hit both in the cinemas and in the book stores. But all I can say is that I hate it.

I hate how reading the trilogy takes all my time from other things.

I hate how I know I should wait until next day I get on the tube to read it but I just can’t resist.

I hate I feel guilty not writing. I hate I stopped drawing.

I hate that I watched the film and, even though I do agree that it’s not as good as the books are, I can’t seem to understand why people say “they made a Twilight movie out of it” when I honestly can’t see any resemblance? (Would it be the “love triangle”? But it’s completely different. She’s not crazy about either of them….)

I hate that I don’t have an Ipod or any other device which would help me to listen to its soundtrack on the go.

I hate that I want to write something with the same effect on people but I doubt that I can.

I hate that it limits my freedom of being.

So I decided to get over with it as soon as possible.

So I’m off reading… 🙂