The Hunger Games vs ME

ImageThe Hunger Games, a big hit both in the cinemas and in the book stores. But all I can say is that I hate it.

I hate how reading the trilogy takes all my time from other things.

I hate how I know I should wait until next day I get on the tube to read it but I just can’t resist.

I hate I feel guilty not writing. I hate I stopped drawing.

I hate that I watched the film and, even though I do agree that it’s not as good as the books are, I can’t seem to understand why people say “they made a Twilight movie out of it” when I honestly can’t see any resemblance? (Would it be the “love triangle”? But it’s completely different. She’s not crazy about either of them….)

I hate that I don’t have an Ipod or any other device which would help me to listen to its soundtrack on the go.

I hate that I want to write something with the same effect on people but I doubt that I can.

I hate that it limits my freedom of being.

So I decided to get over with it as soon as possible.

So I’m off reading… 🙂


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