First Day With My First DSLR

I had nightmares. That I would be late and I wouldn’t get my camera, or I’d only find the camera body but not the lens in the box or that it would arrive damaged and I couldn’t even get a refund.

I woke up three times this morning, twice too early to get up.  When my alarm went off at seven thirty my first thought was that Royal Mail had been open for a half an hour and I’m still in my bed!! Okay, I didn’t really panic.

I wrote my Morning Pages and then without breakfast (!!!) left home. I was back within an hour opening the box and finding all the parts in it and putting it together and panicking and looking for the manuals and finding only on CD and downloading it and finding out everything was fine and feeling as excited  as children do at Christmas time.

Then I had to go to meet up a friend so I didn’t get to the end of my readings but I took it with me and I was playing with it all afternoon. And it was sooooo COOOOL.

I also received the long forgotten Novel Writing Kit from Writing Magazine for my subscription.

And today after five months I sent off my homework to my tutor so I think this day should be remembered and celebrated forever.


APE – “After Paris Effects”

Oh, how much I love being a tourist! A tourist in Paris especially!

Instead of feeling tired after two days non-stop walking I feel energized, I feel alive again.

And I want more. More days, weeks, months – more cities! I want to explore the whole continent!

And I want to draw it, photograph it,

I want to see every colour, hear lovers whisper and pen their stories.

And I want a black cat…


Fun, Fun, Fun!

It is so nice to go out and have a drink (or two) with friends after work.

When you forget about everything for a few days and just try to live a normal life, with normal things, and plans you could not afford on a daily basis (weekly/monthly) but sometimes you need – if you want to survive.

I bought a pair of shoes. Black laced high heels, a bit wild but pretty feminine. Probably I can’t do a whole night in them and enjoying myself at the same time… So what’s the use??? – These are the shoes I needed. For my self-esteem – or call it whatever you prefer.

I’m going for a concert. Quimby is coming to London on the 14th of May. They are my favourite Hungarian band, and probably the most popular alternative rock band in my country. The one to be proud of.

And I’m going to Paris for two days next week. Can’t wait!

Okay, I want a DSLR but at the moment I’m not prepared to withdraw all these sources of joy from my life so that after a few months I could buy one. I need to be happy NOW. Despite of the never ending grey, cold and rainy weather. Despite of some trouble at work. (Despite of being one of ten thousand. – inside joke, sorry.) I’m going to have fun NOW.

And I’m going to have fun tomorrow. And I’m going to have fun next Wednesday and Thursday and next Friday. And I’m going to have fun the Monday after. That’s what people are supposed to do, isn’t it?