Looking for Summer

I was just looking through my photos I’d taken in the past few days (unfortunately there aren’t many of them) and thought why not select a few and upload. They might not be marvellous or perfect or anything of that sort but there are some which for some curious reason I really like.

This one I like probably because we don’t see many colours lately only grey thanks to the wonderful British weather.

This little red flower represents a brief summer romance. It was lying on the ground all by itself and I felt really sorry for it. It must have been grabbed by the wind and then abandoned. It is probably still there, worn out and unconscious. Or maybe someone picked it up and put it in her hair and they lived happily ever after.

Yeah, that’s me… But that’s not the point. The point is the mixture of warm colours: red and green and brow and the contrast of Old (furniture) and New (car). And because of the reflection it seems a bit mysterious to me. But feel free to disagree.:)



4 thoughts on “Looking for Summer

  1. Hi me too like the red or pink flower,,,but i disagree with the summer romance,,,,if its romance it wouldn’t be alone 😦 anyway nice pics 🙂

    • brief summer romances are brief because they are quite short life, and people end up alone, and it is sad at the moment of separation but even this sadness shouldn’t last for long.. so it doesn’t mean that there won’t be a happy ending:) however sad things can be beautiful as well.

  2. I like the 2nd photo. It appears to be taken from high altitude in the sky. It makes me recognize as if an enormous red flower is put on the mountainous region.

    For me the point is you wear a long sleeve. Doesn’t it hot in UK in this season?

    • thank you and no, the summer is not hot in the UK. OK, this weekend was perfect, sunny 30 degrees, but it only lasted for two days… Now back to cloudy 20… :S

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