Market day!

This day welcomed us with a surprisingly sunny morning. As Friday is a market day in my town, we headed to the town centre at about 9 AM. To be honest I wasn’t very interested in buying anything, I just wanted to take some pictures to show the world (the entire universe) such a nice place a small town market can be.

The rows were buzzing with elderly people as the youth must have been to work.

I think they pretty much enjoyed my attention, many of the sellers asked me to photograph them and their goods too.

Preparing for Halloween (which is not as popular in Hungary as it is in the western countries) we could find delicious looking pumpkins (even though I don’t eat them, but hey! they did look good!) raw and baked as well.

What Hungarians are more prepared for is the 1st of November, the All Saints Day. Flowers and wreaths are sold in waste amounts:

The canal wasn’t for sale but I did try to capture its autumnal beauty.


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