NaNo news – Crossing the finish line

After a not very productive weekend I was about to give up my NaNo. I already had a story, longer than I’d ever written. Then came Monday, when all day I tried to convince myself, that I still did well, even if I didn’t reach the fifty thousand. Of course I wasn’t happy about it, but I thought at least I tried. Then at about seven PM I continued writing. And it came easy and effortless and I managed to catch up a little bit. The next few days went the same way, I struggled a bit on Thursday but at least I wasn’t behind the target any more. And Friday came, the last day of NaNo, when I only had 1200 words to complete the task and reach the fifty thousand. I did it at about seven PM. I was happy and I felt so relieved, so light as if I lost at least ten kilos in that second, when I saw my Open Office word count.

I was so eager to upload it to the NaNo site to be announced as a winner, but as soon as I did upload it, I realized, there was something wrong. It showed only 48757 words. Less than I had the day before. I tried again and again and it gave me the same answer: I didn’t finish yet! I felt betrayed, that the NaNo Gods weren’t with me any more, that they didn’t want me to win. But I wanted to win!

So I sat back again, Champaign still in the bottle, not splashed all over my room and started to type. It was awful. The worst writing I’ve ever done, but I didn’t care, it was my revenge on the NaNo site.

I was tired, bloody tired, my back was aching and my eyes were flowing out when I finally reached 50005 words. I WON!Winner-180x180