I went skiing.

I went skiing. It is hard to describe how incredible it sounds. I keep repeating it in my mind (I went skiing. I went skiing! I went skiing!!!) trying to get used to the thought.

Winter sports generally are not for me. Once I tried, or rather tried to try ice skating, but was too scared to step away from the fence. I said the ice was too slippery and I was dead serious about it.

I had difficulties to put on my ski boots. I didn’t manage it by myself and I didn’t like that they were so extremely uncomfortable. When I tried to walk in them I felt like I was Arnold Schwarzenegger from The Terminator. But it was only the beginning. I was told to put on the skis and try to move in them, not down the hill yet, but it was already a big challenge. The snow was just as well slippery as the ice (okay, almost). This torture went on and on until two days later I could get down the hill (without ever falling), taking turns and stopping when I wished. I could do it but I still didn’t like it. It was still like a scary movie.

After the third day I said no. I wouldn’t do it any longer. I didn’t care. I didn’t want to die so young. Of course everyone was picking on me, why I stopped when it went so well.

After a day I started to doubt that I made the right decision, but then I agreed  with myself that it was not worth doing if I was scared, if I was not enjoying it.

After the second day I was told that I had a “cool snowboard face” why I didn’t want to try snowboarding?

Third day in the morning I was told that everyone from our apartment was going to try snowboarding and I was strongly recommended to join them so I did. I couldn’t leave the place without giving this winter sport thing another shot.

We didn’t really get far in one day but I already felt safer on the board than on the skis (probably it was a false sense of safety), I could stand up by myself and slide down without falling or I fell only if I wanted to avoid bumping into someone, because I still didn’t know how to turn properly or how to stop, or anything actually, just balancing down. But it felt good that I still had some hope that next year when my boyfriend would want to make me go skiing again I wouldn’t be so against it.

DSC_0144 DSC_0183 DSC_0188 DSC_0210 DSC_0138


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