Hitting a sick child?

What would you do if you heard that a mother hit and yelled at her feverish three years old son for not wanting to take his medicine?

abusepicIs it supposed to be considered as normal behaviour for an average British family?

Okay, child abuse is not something I normally write about in this blog. It is a far too heavy subject for me to digest. It is not my call. I promise I will continue to keep away from it unless I decide to write a novel about it which is definitely not something I would enjoy doing as I find it horrible almost unbearable even though I don’t personally know the family, I only met the child a few times.

I feel impotent. I have absolutely no business with them, I cannot step forward to save the child from his mother’s insanity. Even if I wanted to I wouldn’t know what to do and anyway one thing I learned last year: don’t put your nose into other people’s sh*t because you will have to carry around the smell for months. I’m still carrying.


Image copied from here: http://www.seancopland.com/pics/abusepic.jpg