Where comes the SUN?

Lovely little sunshine greeted me this morning. I thought it might have been a sign of Spring after all. A sign of hope, the light at the end of the tunnel we’ve been in for months now. But when I stepped outside the cold wind just cut into my bones. The temperatures are not even below zero but the fact that it should be at least ten degrees warmer just makes it feel even worse. It is freezing.

Is it really so bad that I depend on the weather? That I believe if Spring comes everything is going to be fine. If this greyness goes away, I will smile more. I will be happier.

It’s not like I have a reason to be unhappy, like I didn’t get what I wanted. I did. Most of it. But I would love to enjoy a cup of coffee/tea/glass of wine on our terrace, or just go and have a walk with my partner in the neighbouring wood (and taking photos), or go and play tennis.

I’m picturing myself sitting outside in the lovely afternoon sun with a notepad in my lap writing a hymn to that big yellow mystery that has been hidden for too long.



Maybe if everyone tries and imagines what one wants to do in the sun, it will be like a prayer and it might be even heard. Anyone’s up to help me change the weather?



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