Stories Dreams etc

I’ve seen so many amazing stories. Life stories where people gathered all their power to focus on their dream and eventually achieved it. I want to be a success story so I have to find my ultimate dream. 

Or is it all right to have more? Sometimes I feel torn because so many different things interest me (coffee, photography, travelling, writing, interior design, languages, cooking and baking etc) that I can’t deepen in either of them. 

I just hope all of this will lead somewhere.




It was 2011 when I first posted here. And it’s so interesting to look back! I’m glad I started this blog even though I disappeared a long time ago. I’m feeling nostalgic by reading back and remembering all the little things. I’m glad I have them here.

So much has been happening ever since. I’m not going to go into details now but I’m seriously considering to come back either to continue with this site or starting a new one. I just feel like writing. Silly things. Or serious ones. About my new dreams, interests, hobbies. About my “course craziness”.

We’ll see what happens.