I will never be this young again

I turned 30. Amazing. I’m kind of proud as well. Why exactly I’m not sure.

I invited lots of friends around to my house to celebrate and some work friends to Nando’s. This is probably the first time for a long time when I wanted to make a big deal out of a birthday. Because I will never be this young again.

Even though some had to cancel I still had an amazing time. I got so much love and kindness everyone. Especially from my boyfriend who organized my birthday party and made delicious food while I was at work, from my boss, who got me a few bags of coffee to taste and let me go home early, from my brilliant work friend, Kieran, who offered to work overtime the next day so that I could have a day off for my hangover.

I got wonderful presents as well some of them are handmade!

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Yes, you guessed right, this is my birthday cake! It was delicious though!

So all I wanted with this post is just to send my love to all my friends and colleagues and customers and people I don’t even know. Oh and of course to Princess Charlotte for having the same birthday as I do.