Dear Visitor, warm welcome to my blog!

I used to think, think and dream about my life, how it has potentials because I’m a good student, because I’m determined and because I want it to go the way I wish. I used to think a lot.

OK, I still think a lot and I struggle to stay on one path I choose for myself for life (if that’s still valid in 21st century – mastering one thing in a lifetime). I love reading, I love writing, I love photography and I love coffee. I love yoga, I love interior design shows on TV, I love baking, I love the seaside. I love learning languages. I love travelling. And I love being in love.

As I can’t decided on what I want I write about a bit of everything. My impressions, my inner dialogues.


P.S. A health advise: drink a lot of WATER. Still water, tap water or straight from the stream.


One thought on “Introduction

  1. You enjoy writing, I enjoy reading. Guess why I read? to see what is dead from what is alive and then I wish the dead to be given life.
    Life me, I will never die!

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