My crumbs

Night of Death

Fades and shades and ice cold heads
Smoking weapon, knowing witness
Daring eyes through shattered glass
Rage boiled blood in dead veins rests.

Silent weapon, hiding witness
Green eyed black cat spider netted
Boxes settled homeless hero
Wrinkled forehead crying schizo.

Skeleton-like weak white arms
Creaking knees move slow to flee
Down deep river bringing shiver
Blue lips scream – a fount of fear.

Fades and shades and ice cold heads
Floating witness frothing river no more
Shiver lungs are full of dirt and water
Fright boiled blood in dead veins rests.



I imagine great things. I imagine endless fields and horses running and clouds coming to hide the sun. I imagine the patter of big rain drops on my window while watching the horses run in the sun. I imagine a sudden snowfall which doesn’t reach the horses. They don’t feel its cold. They enjoy the warmth of the sun.

I imagine ravens on the roof. Their tiny legs are all covered in snow. They caw and caw and caw envying the horses. I imagine fresh berries for them which I’m holding in my hands. They are careful not to hurt me with their sharp beaks.

I imagine squirrels to come. Their fur is all wet. They look sad. I imagine an oak for them in the sun where the horses are.

I imagine a beautiful sunset and how my ravens are flying away.

I imagine it’s dead dark now – no stars and no moonlight. I imagine I’m all alone. There’s no one out there.

I imagine a black blanket around me so I could fit in the night.


I watched the Moon tonight. I wanted him to talk to me. I wanted him to share secrets with me, little prayers which have been prayed by strangers. Clouds were crawling before him and making his shine fade away until finally the Wind chased them away. Undisturbed he could shine brighter than before. I wanted him to tell secret tales. My tales which I’m not able to understand yet. I wanted him to see all my desires. I wanted him to know that I respect him. I was talking to him for a long time. But he didn’t answer.

© Nagy, 2011


2 thoughts on “My crumbs

  1. After these really impressive but very sad words, how about a comedy.?! Would you mind to create a colourful, happy and a laughable world? About a little girl who lives in London and her name is Eszter? But make sure all words you are writing down will become true, doesn’t matter how long it takes..xx

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