So that’s what happened:
I opened the door and a window opened as well.
There was too much air
I could not breath for minutes.
There was too much oxygen,
My lungs didn’t know
How to deal with it.
The wind messed up my hair
And it was screaming something.
But what, I could not hear.
It was just too loud.
I tried to close the window.
My hands were shaking and
The heavy wood didn’t move.
I sat down to the empty floor
And started to cry and pray.
“Please, close the window” – I asked
Many-many times.
I didn’t realize until later that
After my prayers the wind stopped.
The window was still open
And so was the door.
But my lungs could breath again.
I could see new tones, hear new voices.
The breeze caressed my skin.
It wasn’t screaming.
It whispered: “Patience!”


Digging down to rotten roots
Cut them out to clear the wounds
Wound heals fast if bleed it out
Nothing’s left from shame and pride.

It is you who stands there naked
Staring judging old ghosts’ faces
Silver tears are dropping shameless
Purified soul lightens darkness.

© Nagy 2011


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