I will never be this young again

I turned 30. Amazing. I’m kind of proud as well. Why exactly I’m not sure.

I invited lots of friends around to my house to celebrate and some work friends to Nando’s. This is probably the first time for a long time when I wanted to make a big deal out of a birthday. Because I will never be this young again.

Even though some had to cancel I still had an amazing time. I got so much love and kindness everyone. Especially from my boyfriend who organized my birthday party and made delicious food while I was at work, from my boss, who got me a few bags of coffee to taste and let me go home early, from my brilliant work friend, Kieran, who offered to work overtime the next day so that I could have a day off for my hangover.

I got wonderful presents as well some of them are handmade!

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Yes, you guessed right, this is my birthday cake! It was delicious though!

So all I wanted with this post is just to send my love to all my friends and colleagues and customers and people I don’t even know. Oh and of course to Princess Charlotte for having the same birthday as I do.


Is it coffee or is it not coffee?

How strange that the location you live in can determine so much in your life. A small town means less opportunity. Yes, even with internet. Even if you have a car.

It does make me a bit depressed sometimes. On the other hand I am happy and grateful for the relationship I’ve got, that actually made me move here.

It is not a dilemma. Just another Challenge.

Yoga Check-In

It is not easy finding some time for yoga EVERY day especially when your shifts are different each day and physically and mentally you are challenged to your limits. I understand that yoga can be a cure for that – turning the problems and stress off and just surrender.

Over this hectic weekend when all kinds of things happened I could not make time for it. I felt guilt because I kind of “lost” the challenge right at the first week.

But then I realized I can’t lose with yoga. It is about doing more exercise, yes but not just that: it is about getting back to myself at least for that 15-40 minutes. I only missed two days but I was already very eager to get back to the mat today and do the next bit. In fact I completed two videos.

That’s what I like about my personal yoga instructor (yoga with Adrienne) the flexibility and the encouragement to forgive ourselves and be ourselves and do the best we can. That must be enough.

Are you participating in 30 days of yoga? What are your experiences?

30 days ‘Yoga with Adrienne’ Challenge

I found a great way to start the new year.

As many people, I guess, I’ve eaten far too much and done no exercise at all in the last couple of weeks. Check out this challenge and get into a daily routine of yoga/exercising. You can find free yoga videos (all levels welcome) on youtube every single day for 30 days and it’s starting today. Luckily with yoga there is always space for flexibility so I’m starting my journey on Sunday the 4th of January.

If January is not your month you can do it in February or in mid March. Doesn’t matter when you start it or whether you stick to these videos or interchange them with others or go to a live yoga class, the only thing important is that you “find what feels good” for the new year.

Happy 2015!

My Great Interior Design Challenge

Once again I felt like creating something. With my bare hands. I never really get dirty with anything.

I haven’t been sleeping very well for as long as we moved to this flat. At first I guess it was the lack of bed as we (not being able to afford one) had to sleep on cheap mattresses. Later on we got a bed but still I woke up many times during the night and I started to think about stuff that happened that day or would happen the next. I never had this problem before, what ever was going on in my life it never effected my sleep.

Inspired by my Interior design course and of course the Great Interior Design Challenge show in the TV I wanted to look into the Feng Shui of bedrooms.

There are so many “rules” that I think it is impossible to achieve perfect balance when your room is small. However I found some things I could actually change. Our double bed lies in the corner of the room which means that it is not approachable from my partner’s side. Apparently that causes imbalance in our relationship (and even though I think our relationship is pretty good) there are a few things in which we could be more equal. So I decided to move the bed and get a bedside cabinet for his side.

Luckily I found one on ebay that could be bought either painted or unpainted. Since they didn’t have a colour I liked I could convince my partner to get the unpainted one. It has arrived pretty fast and I was looking forward to do it today. Especially because I have never done anything like this before (which also means that I have no clue about paints, dyes, stains, sanding papers or solvents – but that’s just makes things more exciting.).

This morning we had a look around in our local Wilkinsons and found the exact colour we wanted that is an Antique Pine dye. We also bought some varnish to treat the wood afterwards plus gloves and brushes.

We got some tea-lights (at Sports Direct!!!) and a candle because apparently that is the most desirable lighting in a bedroom.


I’m still itching to start because it turned out to be a pretty miserable, wet day and I was told that I’m not allowed to do it IN the flat and that I really should postpone it till next summer!!!

Well, I won’t wait that long. The forecast is fine for Monday so fingers crossed.

Has anyone have any experience in wood painting/dyeing, maybe a word of warning or advice?

Part-time veggie little yogi

So I started a new blog about coffee (you can check it out here.) I had so much to say and explore and I felt like facebook wasn’t a good enough platform to do that.

I’m also getting more and more into yoga. I have never been very strong physically but mentally and spiritually I did think I was up to the challenge. I’m not saying it changed my life although to some extent it probably did. I’m much more sensitive to animal suffering so much so that I’ve decided to have two meat-free days per week. I guess it doesn’t seem much but believe me it is for me who had some sort of meat to every single meal. If I didn’t I felt like something was missing. Now I have more meat-free meals even if it’s not Tuesday or Thursday.

The other thing I never really thought I would want to do is running. OK, I haven’t started running yet but the idea is getting more and more inviting. I like the freedom of it and that you don’t necessarily need anything else just yourself (and probably a pair of good shoes…)

And the reason why I returned to this blog?

I’ve missed it. Especially if I read a book that is interesting or hear a song that sticks in my mind.

So hopefully I will return more often.