Is it coffee or is it not coffee?

How strange that the location you live in can determine so much in your life. A small town means less opportunity. Yes, even with internet. Even if you have a car.

It does make me a bit depressed sometimes. On the other hand I am happy and grateful for the relationship I’ve got, that actually made me move here.

It is not a dilemma. Just another Challenge.



This morning I’ve got a slap in the face instead of “Welcome back!” or “Happy New Year!” Well, what did I expect from a year that ends on 13? Of course it has to be challenging!

It is like in a good novel: something has to go wrong (e.g. Evil Queen poisons Snow White)  so that the heroine could stand up (from the coffin) at the end and everyone would shed a few tears for her happiness.

And as a good maths teacher I’ve got to prove the theory what I just stated in my previous post.

And you know what?

I’m going to prove it. Because… I’ve got the power!!!