Movie day

Yesterday I watched three films. It wasn’t planned, happened by accident and due to me not being able to do any (more) activities (than looking out of my head).

The first was A dangerous method with Keira Knightley, the second Valentine’s day played by all those stars and as third came Chloe with Amanda Seyfried. I liked the last one best. Although Valentine’s day was “my guilty pleasure” as the X-factor judges used to say. A dangerous method is not bad either but Keira Knightley’s character was just.. well.. irritating with that screaming (and facial expressions) at the beginning so I quickly lost my interest.

I wanted to say something about Chloe. And Amanda Seyfried. She was just brilliant in this role. Looking innocent is not a big challenge for her with those big green eyes and angel-like face but her job wasn’t performing the good girl here. I loved the fact that nothing is clear about Chloe and her “business” relationship with Catherine (Julianne Moore), there’s always a doubt: is she lying -and if yes- why?

In my humble opinion this drama mirrors very well that nothing is black or white. Most of the things are in that huge grey area. So it’s better to watch out..