My Christmas Song Selection

With these videos I would like to wish a very peaceful and happy Chrsitmas to all of my readers.


On the way

I’m on the way to Luton Airport and as I realized that there is free internet on the GreenLine buses I thought I might use this opportunity to write a few lines.

It’s been a really hard couple of days for me so it is not surprising that in the meantime I lost the spirit. I felt numb although I knew that I was going to go home, even if last minute, and I also knew that I was supposed to be excited about it.

Then yesterday afternoon I decided that I have a choice: I can enjoy myself and look forward to Christmas or I can be a Grinch and in addition I can cry about my personal “tragedies”. Well, it was an easy choice as I am rather happy than unhappy.

I’m getting closer to Luton and I will have to turn off my laptop so in the short time I have left I would like to thank everyone  for the kind words I received and also I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Let’s feed the world!

Such a coincidence! I’ve been listening to this Christmas song by Band Aid for a few days now and then yesterday I tried the SoicalVibe which is a charity widget on the right hand side of the homepage of my blog and it finally worked!

With a few clicks you can also help to get some food for poor children! You don’t have to register anywhere and it is totally free. You just have to follow the instruction which also indicates when the task is done.

So I would like to ask you when you come to see me here please try and help getting food for those children.

Yes, because it’s Christmas but also because they are hungry and you can help.

Thank you!


Dance with December Sun

I’ve been studying these women’s magazines for my writing course and they are all talking about being stressed out before Christmas and how to delegate tasks to family members and friends; which are the most glamorous gift ideas and how to prevent gaining weight..

I know that these are the most important aspects of the Christmas period but I came across a song this afternoon and it just caught my “Christmas” attention: Yonderboi – Come on progeny.

Okay, it might not be a typical Christmas song but: there are so many people out there who don’t have anyone to celebrate with, whose best option seems to be a “flying lesson” out of the rooftop hoping that the warmth of the sun would take good care of their souls.

I’m not saying that on Christmas eve or Christmas day I’m going to cry about their tragedy because probably I’ll be happy to be with my family and I’m not saying either that all these magazines should write about sad stories because no one would buy them any more and how many people would lose their jobs!

What I’m saying is -sentimental I know- we who are lucky enough to have family and friends around we should be just grateful.