This morning I’ve got a slap in the face instead of “Welcome back!” or “Happy New Year!” Well, what did I expect from a year that ends on 13? Of course it has to be challenging!

It is like in a good novel: something has to go wrong (e.g. Evil Queen poisons Snow White)  so that the heroine could stand up (from the coffin) at the end and everyone would shed a few tears for her happiness.

And as a good maths teacher I’ve got to prove the theory what I just stated in my previous post.

And you know what?

I’m going to prove it. Because… I’ve got the power!!!


Words For The New Year

Words. Just a few of them to welcome back my readers. We are in the new year now that means a new start for many people. I wouldn’t say it is for me.

In my case the new year started in May 2012. Something amazing happened to me back then which I’d been asking for for many-many days and nights (weeks and months). Maybe my new year started when I started to ask.

Maybe my new year will start again in May. Maybe it will be June. It will come when I’m ready to climb another step on that ladder.

I think it is up to you, when you start a new year. You can start it with the first of January, the second of April or on the fourteenth of May, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you form it how it is best for you. You dream, you wish, you desire and you believe that you deserve every good and one morning you realize: your dream is slowly coming true.

This Saturday afternoon on the fifth of January 2013 I wish you to dream boldly, beyond imagination and I wish you to recognize your power to make your dreams come true.

If you do, I would like to ask you a favour: please don’t destroy the world or don’t hurt me.