I will never be this young again

I turned 30. Amazing. I’m kind of proud as well. Why exactly I’m not sure.

I invited lots of friends around to my house to celebrate and some work friends to Nando’s. This is probably the first time for a long time when I wanted to make a big deal out of a birthday. Because I will never be this young again.

Even though some had to cancel I still had an amazing time. I got so much love and kindness everyone. Especially from my boyfriend who organized my birthday party and made delicious food while I was at work, from my boss, who got me a few bags of coffee to taste and let me go home early, from my brilliant work friend, Kieran, who offered to work overtime the next day so that I could have a day off for my hangover.

I got wonderful presents as well some of them are handmade!

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Yes, you guessed right, this is my birthday cake! It was delicious though!

So all I wanted with this post is just to send my love to all my friends and colleagues and customers and people I don’t even know. Oh and of course to Princess Charlotte for having the same birthday as I do.



This morning I’ve got a slap in the face instead of “Welcome back!” or “Happy New Year!” Well, what did I expect from a year that ends on 13? Of course it has to be challenging!

It is like in a good novel: something has to go wrong (e.g. Evil Queen poisons Snow White)  so that the heroine could stand up (from the coffin) at the end and everyone would shed a few tears for her happiness.

And as a good maths teacher I’ve got to prove the theory what I just stated in my previous post.

And you know what?

I’m going to prove it. Because… I’ve got the power!!!

Beautiful ‘Evening’

I’ve been waiting for this sunny spring day (off) for long-long time. I planned to go for a stroll, take some photos. Of course I didn’t do it. I also planned to watch some movies either at home or in the cinema.

Evening Poster

And yes, that’s what I did. Three films in a row. The first two (One For The Money, The Vow) were entertaining but also forgettable. The third one was recommended by a friend this morning. It is called Evening. A beautiful-beautiful movie. And believe me, it is beautiful if I was able to write this hard-to-spell word three times…

I don’t know what I liked best: the story, the pictures or the music… or maybe the fact that it was directed by a Hungarian, Lajos Koltai. No, that latter one just made me proud.

It is an emotional “love” story from a bit unusual aspect, there is not much action in it for two hours but I didn’t feel bored, not for a minute. It was somehow mesmerising how life changes but some emotions just stay even if they seem to be ridiculous remains from the past.

I’m not old just yet but I do have some “what if” memories. Am I going to remember them (and wonder) for the rest of my life? Or maybe better to keep them in the “that’s life” folder and go on?

Here is the trailer (which pretty much shows everything but couldn’t find anything better):