Winter Wonderland!

In the morning I was concerned that this day was going to be as colourless and empty as the previous ones had been so I decided to do something about it!

Soon came the idea: which place could be more colourful and fun in London at this time of the year than the Winter Wonderland in the Hyde Park??

When I arrived it seemed like a joke: Winter? Where? Okay it’s not like I hadn’t known that it hadn’t been snowing in London yet. Still I was disappointed to see the leaves on the trees. It was “cold” (7 degrees) but didn’t feel wintry. So having no choice I was going to enjoy the wonderland part..

Such a luck, I didn’t even have to worry about the crowd..

The atmosphere was festive with lots of lights (even in daylight) and Christmas songs everywhere and those people who did show up they looked so happy and peaceful that I, myself, was forced to feel good!(grrrr)

There were a few people ice skating. I personally have issues with this activity. I love watching ice skating (especially figure skating) but it is impossible to make me go on the ice. Now I was watching people some of them were really bad (as bad as I would be) falling many times or not letting go of the barrier and for some reason they did enjoy it!

Oh, and how many nice things I found in the market! My favourites were -of course- the Hungarian sellers (yes I know, who cares..) with delicious food and beautiful leather notebooks and diaries.. (which I have no picture of because I started to talk to the seller and then I forgot to photograph..)


MULLED WINE (!!!) – £4

Sausages (can be German as well) – £4.5-5

Hot chocolate – £2,5

Kürtőskalács (What the hell is that??) Absolute favorite

 For recipe:

My overall impression (and it is my highly official and serious opinion and not the humble one): this place really is a miracle! I didn’t expect much of an improvement in my mood but it did the job. Winter Wonderland makes you feel good and even makes you look forward to the festive season.