Here and there – Photos

I thought I’d put up some random photos I’ve done in the past few weeks, months. (It’s unbelievable with what speed time rushes by. It just runs without asking how I feel about it…)

Anyway, here they are:

DSC_0420I took these two today celebrating the long missed good weather. I have no mood to photograph when it’s cold, cloudy and grey… what can I do? I tried to make the water flow as much as I could but not having tripod with me I didn’t dare to set it on longer shutter speed because of my shaky hands.



The next photo I took a few weeks ago when the sun just before sunset (unexpectedly) shone into my room. It had an interesting feel to it that I wanted to capture.



Then I went outside to see where the light was coming from…



The next one is actually my favourite so far. I was practising night photography with my friend whom I made to sit on the bench.



London Lights – Photowalk

In the morning there was a time when I was very happy to see some big snowflakes coming down from heaven. I followed it up with despair because of some ugly rain during the day: I was really worried about my photo walk tonight.

But as BBC promised, there was no rain by the time we started our tour. They’ve got it right, this time, so a big well done to them!

After some basic difficulties I experienced with setting up my tripod and getting the right settings, it was pretty easy. I don’t mean that I made perfect photos but our goal was only to have an idea how to take photos night time.

Here I’m going to post a few of them. Please welcome my first ever night photos:):



DSC_0090I know, this one should have gone a few seconds longer but we didn’t have time to wait for another bus to come.

DSC_0110After this shot it started raining again, but we were not bothered very much because the two hours were just up and the walk finished anyway. I think we got what we’d expected, so basically I’m happy with what I’ve learnt. And the perfect shot is soon to come.