NaNo news – “First day-well done”

When I opened a new Open Office document this morning, I didn’t think I would almost double the daily word count today. I was afraid that as soon as I run out of the first ideas (I didn’t plan the whole plot, only how I would start) I would be doomed. But I’m not! There are new ones coming so I can see the next step of the journey. If it keeps coming like this, I will be happy.

Now I’m off to get some sleep and tomorrow morning relaxed and fresh I could start writing again.


NaNovember is coming

So, one week to go. I have seven (SEVEN) days to find out what to write about. Plenty of time.

The truth is, I’m spending my well deserved two weeks holiday at home, in Hungary.

It is NOT the same as being in London, I have practically nothing to do (except going to dentist (ouch), to post office, to wellness-weekend and zoo (yeay), getting an oily thai massage from my Mum (<3), taking some autumnal pictures and meeting some relatives). Which means I cannot actually concentrate on my novel, can I?

I’m travelling back on the 3rd of November, on the third day of NaNoWriMo when I will have to have written a bit more than 3000 words. I cannot start with a big delay either, especially because my chances to write 50 000 words in a month are quite tiny. And I don’t want to give it up before I even start, so instead of going to the dentist today, I’m going to start to plan my novel! (Okay, don’t worry, I’ll do it after…)


This is the part, when I tell everyone, that I signed up for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Which is a writing challenge in November (every November) and writers, who are crazy OR good enough to enter (I count myself to the first group) have to write a Novel of 50000 words within 30 days.

And why am I declaring it? Because even though I really doubt  that I can get anywhere near to 50k but what if I can? What if there’s a story within me as well? And what if the guilt and shame I would feel when I gave up after a week,  will prevent me of giving up at all?

My goal is to make it through the 30 days, writing as much as I possibly can and if that doesn’t make the 50k mark, only 20k, then who cares, I did what I could, I’m going to be happy and proud, and I’m going to be a Winner, no matter what everyone else says. And there’s always going to be a next year, if I still feel like writing.

Writing a Novel

A few months ago I bought a book that taught me a lot of things. My life has literally changed since then. I changed. I can look at problems from different angles, I became somewhat braver and I’m not afraid to start learning photography or drawing (my newest “craziness”). I’m not afraid to think that what I do, might be good or will be good eventually. I believe that I can be creative and I have the right to be and I’m not less than others.

I started to plan my first ever novel (mostly to challenge myself). I have the characters and I developed the storyline which by the end transformed into a psycho-thriller which genre I never read and probably never would. (And the golden rule is: write what you read the most.)

I decided to write it in Hungarian even though the names are in English. I thought that some day I might translate it but because of my poor English I’d better start it in my mother tongue. Yesterday I opened a new page in Open Office:

First line: CHAPTER ONE     –     instead of ELSŐ FEJEZET

Second line: Faye’s scream filled the room.     –     instead of: Faye sikolya töltötte meg a szobát.

With all the newly gained wisdom I have no idea what to do. I was considering to replan the story or I can just mess with the genre borders.

And the thing about the language.. if it comes in English, what can I do? I wanted a challenge, didn’t I?