Here and there – Photos

I thought I’d put up some random photos I’ve done in the past few weeks, months. (It’s unbelievable with what speed time rushes by. It just runs without asking how I feel about it…)

Anyway, here they are:

DSC_0420I took these two today celebrating the long missed good weather. I have no mood to photograph when it’s cold, cloudy and grey… what can I do? I tried to make the water flow as much as I could but not having tripod with me I didn’t dare to set it on longer shutter speed because of my shaky hands.



The next photo I took a few weeks ago when the sun just before sunset (unexpectedly) shone into my room. It had an interesting feel to it that I wanted to capture.



Then I went outside to see where the light was coming from…



The next one is actually my favourite so far. I was practising night photography with my friend whom I made to sit on the bench.


Market day!

This day welcomed us with a surprisingly sunny morning. As Friday is a market day in my town, we headed to the town centre at about 9 AM. To be honest I wasn’t very interested in buying anything, I just wanted to take some pictures to show the world (the entire universe) such a nice place a small town market can be.

The rows were buzzing with elderly people as the youth must have been to work.

I think they pretty much enjoyed my attention, many of the sellers asked me to photograph them and their goods too.

Preparing for Halloween (which is not as popular in Hungary as it is in the western countries) we could find delicious looking pumpkins (even though I don’t eat them, but hey! they did look good!) raw and baked as well.

What Hungarians are more prepared for is the 1st of November, the All Saints Day. Flowers and wreaths are sold in waste amounts:

The canal wasn’t for sale but I did try to capture its autumnal beauty.

Travelling Through Time

I’ve entered a new world -the world of old school photography- by receiving the first set of pictures I took. Until the time I put my hands on the real, three dimensional photos it was just an idea. I shoot, I play with the equipment and I dream about how the pics are going to turn out.

Now there are no more dreams only reality. And the reality is that every photo taken took me back in time. But not only a month or two but years and years. The colours, how the golden sunshine disappeared and the ideal blue sky turned into dirty light blue and all these transformations gave a bit gloomy, retro mood to the experience what once used to be a happy moment.

I know that I still have a lot to learn and now I realize if I want less melancholic pictures I will need to get a digital camera as well. Although I don’t think that the sky would clear out only because I’d carry a DSLR.

Photography and Me

It is a funny story. I wish I could say that we’ve had a long and balanced (or passionate) relationship throughout the past ten years or more. Maybe it is true.

We had a really balanced platonic relationship, no serious touching.

I received a fully automatic Nikon film camera for my high school graduation (2003) which was marvellous at the time when the digital cameras were too expensive and their quality was too bad to spend even a penny on it (or a fillér).

After finishing university I received another camera, a digital one this time. It even had some features and that nice big optical zoom I could play with that for a while. (Not for long though because it broke down after the guarantee had expired…)

But I had been planning that I would come to the UK and I would study photography, first the language of course, but then when I had some money I would definitely go to a course.

Well, God had other plans with me… until now. I hope at least that He doesn’t mind it now…

I borrowed my Dad’s old film camera, a Zenit ET which is almost 20 years old, and bought a book ‘for any cameras’ because (there’s no automatic setting on it plus) I sooooo wanted to learn how to make those ‘blurry at the back’ pictures and couldn’t afford a digital SLR (and I find it more romantic anyway).

So here I was enjoying my fabulous book until I got to the point: and now put down the book and grab your camera (it was even emphasizing: ‘do it because it is very important that you understand this, bastard!!!!’), look in the viewfinder and see how things change when you adjust the shutter speed…

I was looking, but nothing… of course nothing…

On the next page there was a photo of what I was supposed to see, how those digital numbers and signs were changing… So now I have no idea what should I see on mine instead.

At least in theory it seemed so logical. It’s not like I’m against challenges or anything. And there was photography before the digital era as well. So I can learn it too, right? Even if I’m being “blond” about it.