Yoga Check-In

It is not easy finding some time for yoga EVERY day especially when your shifts are different each day and physically and mentally you are challenged to your limits. I understand that yoga can be a cure for that – turning the problems and stress off and just surrender.

Over this hectic weekend when all kinds of things happened I could not make time for it. I felt guilt because I kind of “lost” the challenge right at the first week.

But then I realized I can’t lose with yoga. It is about doing more exercise, yes but not just that: it is about getting back to myself at least for that 15-40 minutes. I only missed two days but I was already very eager to get back to the mat today and do the next bit. In fact I completed two videos.

That’s what I like about my personal yoga instructor (yoga with Adrienne) the flexibility and the encouragement to forgive ourselves and be ourselves and do the best we can. That must be enough.

Are you participating in 30 days of yoga? What are your experiences?