I need to talk about Kevin

In my opinion artists make art (of every kind) in order to express themselves and to impact the audience. The art work is successful if this impact was made and the audience received its message. Then we can say with happiness (of understanding) in our eyes that “this film was good”; “that song was great!” or “this is a really nice piece of writing!” (oh, I’d love to hear that very often!)

There are some cases though when the very same effect -that had been the intention of the artist, director, actors etc- was made but you are not able to say that it was good. You were suffering for 112 minutes in the cinema or in front of the TV; you were judgemental, frustrated, caring, shocked and all the way long it felt like a nightmare. You understand and appreciate what you’ve seen but cannot say that it was good.

That’s what happened to me while and after watching We need to talk about Kevin.

I still would recommend it to everyone who’d like to see something different, to all the masochists, to those mothers who have a problematic child -mostly to show that there is always a worse case… In fact at the moment I can’t imagine any worse scenario that can happen to a mother than to have a Kevin like this.

I’m not sure if I were able to read the novel. If the film is this powerful..